Community Governance Review

The papers below have been presented to the Parish Councillors and were discussed in full at the Parish Council Meeting held on 18th May 2015. The texts and boundary proposals were approved unanimously.  Great Chart Parochial Church Council have also confirmed their support for the proposals for deciding on part (b) – the new Parish of Chilmington Green boundaries – as part of the current review.  The matter has also been discussed and agreed at the Kingsnorth Parish Council Meeting held on 12th May. Shadoxhurst Parish Council also hold the papers but, following the recent elections, are very short of councillors and have only been able to agree with the concept in principle at this stage.  The creation of the new boundaries at this early juncture helps the Parish Councils plan for the future and will prevent delays that might arise if such decisions were left until after the development has commenced.  The Parish Council wishes to be fully involved in any future discussions on this subject.

Parish Council's response to the Community Governance Review

Boundary Map

ABC's Draft Recommendations 1st August 2015

ABC's media release 4th September 2015

Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council's response to the Draft Recommendations 14th October 2015