Your Chance of Becoming a Parish Councillor

Have you ever wanted to become a Parish Councillor but wasn’t sure what the role entails? Here is some information to help you.

Could you be a councillor?

Are you 18 years of age or over? Do you live or work within the parish or live within three miles of the parish? If the answer to those question is yes then you can be a parish councillor.

What will you do if elected?

You will attend parish council meetings, where you can raise matters that the council can consider and formally decide to take action. Make contributions and influence debate at meetings. Receive training and represent the Council externally.


What parish councils do?

Parish Councils were established by legislation in 1894, and is the first tier of local government in England. Parish Councils provide services to meet local needs, improve quality of life and well-being in the community. Parish Councils also give the local community a more powerful voice.

What services parish councils do?

Litter bins, street lighting, and Street cleaning. Crime reduction measures—CCTV and dealing with anti-social behaviour. Allotments, parks, and open spaces, Community Safety Schemes to mention but a few.

If you want to be the voice for the community why not become a parish councillor. For further details please contact the Clerk on 01233 616923 or via email at


Parish Council Services 

The documents below provide further guidance in regarding what local councils do and what will you be doing if elected. 

All About Local Councils

The Good Councillor’s Guide

Local Councils – What Do They Do? 

Why become a Parish Councillor – Cllr Ian McClintock Chair Great Chart with Singleton PC

If interested and would like to apply the nomination pack can be downloaded from here

For further information and for an informal discussion please contact the Clerk at or telephone 01233 61923.

Election Notices