Minutes of meetings can be found under the Minutes & Agendas link.  The Parish Council’s Governing documents and its Policies and Procedures will be listed here.


Policies and procedures for the conduct of Council business

High Consequence Infectious Disease Policy

Standing Orders

Code of Conduct

Financial Regulations

Community Engagement Strategy

Risk assessment and Management Policy

Statement of Internal Control

Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy 

Expense Claim Policy 

Sickness Absence Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policy

Press and Media Policy

Reserves Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

 Duties of the Responsible Finance Officer

Grant awarding Policy

Tree Management Policy

Pension Policy

Training/Learning and Development Policy

Policy and Procedure for handling complaints

Reserves Policy

Display Screen Equipment User Self-Assessment Form 

 Policies and procedures relating to the employment of staff

 Disciplinary procedure

Grievance procedure

 If you have any concerns about something the Parish Council is doing, please contact the Clerk in the first instance.

 For a formal complaint:

Complaints procedure

CommitteeDate Adopted

Committee Terms of Reference

Complaints September 2013
FinanceFebruary 2014
Staffing March 2014
Amenities and Open SpacesOctober 2015